Apple Insertion Indicator on Braille Display Patent

Apple have been granted a patent to define an insertion indicator (cursor position) on a braille display using dots 7 and 8. The patent also includes a method for displaying the braille display text on screen.

United States Patent 8616888
A method of reproducing a location of an insertion indicator on a Braille device having a plurality of Braille cells, each of the plurality of Braille cells including Braille dots 1-6 to represent a character and Braille dots 7-8 to convey additional information, the method comprising: receiving information on a processor about the insertion indicator at a first location that is between a first and a second adjacent characters displayed on a display device; and providing an output associated with the insertion indicator from the processor to the Braille device, wherein the output causes the Braille device to reproduce the location of the insertion indicator by raising exactly one dot from Braille dots 7-8 in each of two adjacent Braille cells that correspond to the first and the second adjacent characters such that the two raised dots are adjacent one another.

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