August 2015 Edition of SoundAbout

Dear BCA Member

Please find information on how to get your copy of the latest edition of our Soundabout audio magazine. Below you will find a list of the August edition content.

You can use the embedded audio player above to listen or download the program. Alternatively, you can always go to our Audio page and do the same things.


  • Kerry Hoath speaks with President, Greg Madson about is resignation and nominations.
  • Peter Greco speaks with John Simpson about the recent BCA Summit.
  • Peter Greco speaks with Erika Webb about this year’s BCA Convention.
  • Marian Jones speaks with Joyce Jones about the Womens’ Branch Convention activities.
  • Rikki Chaplin speaks with Tony Iezzi about the Roundtable.
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Chris Michael, of Media Access about Audio Description.
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Maryanne Carmody about the upcoming 2015 Retina Congress.
  • Rikki Chaplin speaks with Paula Hobley about being a PHD student.
  • Diary Dates for Queensland, NSW and ACT.
  • BCA Contact details.