CAVI Employment short course – Cisco Academy For the Vision Impaired, also known as CAVI

This course offers employment strategies and skills for the blind, taught by the blind.
Employment Course Information

What this course is
Taught by instructors who are blind who have had success in gaining and keeping employment in both disability and mainstream settings.

More than just a resume, cover letter, and interview prep course. We will discuss why you want to work, what kind of person employers want, skills to have before you go job hunting and more.

Full of practical hands-on activities. By the time you leave the course you will have a resume, cover letters, and experience with at least one mock interview conducted by someone in charge of hiring for a real company.

Highly interactive. This course is centred around lively discussions on topics such as problem-solving in the workplace, disclosure of blindness, and transitioning to work.

What this course is not
A “Normal” employment course. We won’t spend two hours lecturing you on a one size fits all formula of how to get a job.

A course for children. We realise you are a capable adult and will be treated as such.

One lecture a week and that’s all. Students will have assignments to sharpen their confidence, problem solving abilities, networking skills and more.

The course will last eight to 10 weeks depending on student needs starting in February 2015. Each week there will be a lecture to attend and assignments to assist in skill building. The outline for the course is as follows:

  • Lecture 1: Motivations for work.
  • Lecture 2: Three traits for a successful job search.
  • Lecture 3: Job readiness skills and problem solving.
  • Lecture 4: Looking for work, Resumes and cover letters.
  • Class time devoted to working on resumes and cover letters rather than a lecture.

  • Lecture 5: Interviewing.
  • No lecture. Mock interviews with leadership WA.
  • Lecture 6: Transitioning into work.

The course cost is $100 and includes:

  • Access to live and recorded lectures.
  • Access to course notes.
  • Feedback from real employers on your resume and interview.
  • Access to both the CAVI Employment and Discussion mailing lists.

To sign up for the course, send an email to caviinfo @ [without the spaces], or by letting us know via the contact form on Contact Form

CAVI – A leading technology school for blind and vision impaired people around the world.

Online learning can level the playing field for blind and vision impaired people who want to learn computer and technology skills.

CAVI provides accredited Cisco Academy courses, computer skills courses, and employment preparation sessions for people who are totally or partially blind. The instructors have years of experience in their technical field and are blind as well. Many of our students get a job after graduation, while others focus on pursuing skills related to a hobby.