Centrelink pension card issue

Was your Centrelink pension card issued between the 1st August and the 3rd September 2014? If so, read on…

The BCA National Office received a number of complaints throughout August from members regarding their Centrelink Disability Support Pension (Blind) or Age Pension (Blind) pension cards. It was reported that pension cards no longer had the word blind on them; and that the cards were issued without the hole punch in the bottom right hand corner. This was a mistake due to a change of DHS printing contractors, which has now been rectified.

For members issued with a pension card between 1st August 2014 and the 3rd September 2014, you may have encountered this mistake. For members who have received their cards after this date, please check your card to make sure it is correct.

The Department of Human Services advises that these cards will not be automatically reissued, however you can request a new pension card by calling the Department of Human Services Disability and Carers Line on 13 27 17.

BCA wishes to thank the many members who bought this issue to our attention.

Hanna Mazzeo
Advocacy and Policy Officer