Dreams of Summer and Camping

Do these cold winter nights make you dream of warm summer evenings sitting around a camp fire with friends? They do for us in the Camp Working Group.

We can’t make those dreams come true without your help.

Many people who are blind or vision impaired have enjoyed and benefited from camp type activities, where we have gained new skills and received valuable support and encouragement from our peers. We think more of this should occur in Australia, but need your input – do you agree with us, and what shape should such activities take?

BCA is conducting a survey on this topic. Your action in completing this survey could make our a dream a reality.

You can complete the survey here.

Or, call the BCA office and complete it over the phone on 1800 033 660.

It should take about ten to fifteen minutes of your time. Time well spent, wouldn’t you say, investing in that warm cup of coco – or something stronger – around the fire.

Please complete this survey today, and encourage your friends who are blind or vision-impaired to do the same.

With Thanks,

The Camp Working Group;
Tyan Taylor
Jaci Armstrong
Jordie Howell
Graeme Innes
Sally Aurisch