Employment Profile Questionaire

BCA invites readers to send to BCA head office a list of jobs that you know that people who are blind or vision impaired have held or that you may have been employed in yourself.

Below are a list of questions that we ask you to complete in order to help us develop a jobs database.

  • What jobs/occupations have you held whilst being blind or vision impaired?
  • What industry/sector did the particular job involve?
  • What jobs/occupations do you know of that other people that are blind or vision impaired have held?
  • What industry/sectors did these jobs involve?
  • What have been the key challenges you have faced in your current and/or previous roles that relate to your blindness or vision impairment?
  • How did you overcome these challenges?
  • What are your most recent or highest educational qualifications?
  • If you are willing to act as a referral point for anyone wanting more information about your particular employment experiences, could you please provide your name and contact details. Your details will be posted on the BCA web site along with the jobs you are willing to provide advice on.

    We really encourage readers to become involved in this project. One of the greatest challenges faced by people who are blind or vision impaired is trying to obtain and maintain employment.

    Perhaps the advice you can provide to someone wanting more information about a particular job, may help them in finding employment.

    BCA strongly believes that the more people who participate in this project the more we can contribute to assisting people who are blind or vision impaired around Australia.

    If you choose to take part, could you please send your contributions via e-mail to bca@bca/org.au and place the following in the subject line – ‘Employment Profile Questionnaire’.

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