February 2014 Soundabout

Please find the following two links for the most recent edition of Soundabout. The links are worded either Listen To or Download. Please choose the link that best suits your needs. The contents of the edition are as follows:

– Sue Hastie speaks with Greg Madson, President of BCA
– Rikki Chaplin speaks with Maryanne Diamond, recipient of the 2013 David Blyth Award
– Extract from the 2013 BCA National Convention: Michael Simpson on Keynote Address
– Peter Greco speaks with Ivan Peterson, recipient of 2013 BCA Certificate of Appreciation
– Marian Jones speaks with Jenny Dawson, recipient of the 2013 BCA Women’s Branch Diana Braun Award
– Rikki Chaplin speaks with Ashleigh Brooks, first time attendee at a BCA National Convention
– Sue Hastie speaks with Robyn Gaile, presenter of BCA New Horizons Radio Program about her departure
– Robyn Gaile speaks about how to apply to be a presenter on the BCA New Horizons Radio Program
– Peter Greco speaks with Graham Coulton on the results of the 32nd Blind Cricket Championships
– Marian Jones speaks with Peter Granleese about an initiative developed by the BCA ACT branch for haling buses
– Angus Spence provides information on State Elections
– BCA related Diary Dates for ACT, NSW and Victoria
– BCA Contact Details.

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