Home Pages of Interest

on this page you will find website home pages of intrest for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Australia For All This Australia For All site is an international web site designed by and for people with disabilities, which is devoted entirely to accommodation and leisure venues which are accessible to people with disabilities.
Travel Tree For more than 10 years George Booth has designed and escorted tours for people who are blind or vision impaired to many cities in South East Asia, China and New Zealand delivering many exciting experiences, appealing to the senses, with interesting content inclusions to ensure maximum enjoyment on tour.
Travel Eyes Are you ready to change the way you see the world? We believe that travelling is about more than just the places you see – it’s about the experiences you share along the way.
David Woodbridge Technology iSee – David Woodbridge Technology Blog.
Sadam Ahmed’s – Accessible Apps and hardware Sadam Ahmed’s – Accessible Apps and hardware that gives those living with blindness greater independence.
  Dennis Brown (Blind Programming)
  DiVine DiVine is Victoria’s first online community for and by people with a disability. Members can view and make postings to the site.  
  the Blind Geek Zone Rick Harmon’s the Blind Geek Zone.  
  Brian Hartgen Brian Hartgen (editor of the Infotech audio magazine and writer of Window-Eyes set files)  
  Stephen Jolley Live Streams Stephen Jolley (A conveniently arranged directory of live streams of particular interest to an Australian internet listener)  
  A Site for Sore Eyes Ken Matthews (A Site for Sore Eyes – audio files for the blind)  
  The Empowerment Zone Jamal Mazrui (The Empowerment Zone)  
  Web for the Blind Alan Michaels (Web for the Blind)  
  Disability Books Jeff Redding (Disability Books)  
  David Truong and Robyn Grundy David Truong and Robyn Grundy (Internet Home)