May 2015 Edition of SoundAbout

Following are links to the May edition of our audio magazine, Soundabout.

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In this edition:

  • Kerry Hoath speaks with Greg Madson President
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Tony Iezzi about the Onkyo Braille Competition
  • Peter Greco speaks with John Simpson about 40 years of BCA
  • Edited Keynote note Address by Maryanne Diamond at recent Victorian Convention
  • Rikki Chaplin speaks with Edward Santo, CEO of the Public Advocacy Training Centre
  • Marian Jones speaks with Barry Chapman about his experiencing using Ivote
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Adam Morris about the BCA Computer Users Group
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Kerry Hoath, Instructor at Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired
  • Rikki Chaplin speaks with Julie Sutherland about her Master of Arts and Cultural Management Degree
  • Peter Greco speaks with Steven Barnes of Blind Sports Australia
  • Diary dates for WA, NSW/ACT, Qld, and Vic
  • BCA information and Contact Details

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