National Policy Council

About the National Policy Council

Policies and Self-Advocacy Documents are developed by the National Policy  Council (NPC).

The NPC currently comprises of a email distribution list which includes NPC representatives and the BCA Board. The NPC holds a series of meetings each year, held via teleconference, with elected representatives from each state or special interest branch with more than 50 individual members.

Policy support is provided to the NPC by BCA’s National Policy Officer.

BCA policies can be found on our Policy page.

Current NPC members are;

Fiona Woods
Board Representative, NSW

Doug McGinn

Martin Stewart

National Women’s Branch
Julie Sutherland

New South Wales
Lynne Davis

Steve Richardson

Andrew Webster

Helen Freris
Board representative

South Australia
David Squirrel

Western Australia
Greg Madson

BCA Staff
Angela Jaeschke


There are currently no consultations underway.