Seeking Expressions of Interest Provision of Audio Technical Equipment and Services

Blind Citizens Australia (BCA), Australia’s leading national organisation of blind and vision impaired people, is seeking expressions of interest to provide technical equipment and support for its National Convention this year. The National Convention will be held at the Mercure Perth hotel, 10 Irwin Street, Perth WA 6000 from Saturday 10th October to Sunday 11th October 2015. It is anticipated that more than 100 people will be in attendance.

Respondents should address each of the following points in turn by stating how they would go about achieving the desired outcome. If a particular requirement cannot be satisfied, this should be clearly stated. Quotations should be itemised and should be inclusive of all expenses including equipment, communication lines, personnel, travel, transport and personal accommodation. Blind Citizens Australia will meet the cost of the convention room, the Blind Citizens Australia office and a room close to the convention room where all equipment can be located.

The successful respondent will be responsible for providing most or all of the equipment and expertise to satisfy the following. Respondents may wish to sub-contract some tasks that they are not able to provide directly, but it will be the responsibility of the respondent to organise this and to include the cost in the overall quote.

1. Amplify the proceedings from the front table and lectern throughout the convention room and if possible, provide a feed to the Blind Citizens Australia office that will be located on the same floor as the Convention room. We would require two or three microphones at the front table and another at a lectern. A mixing panel must be provided so that the volume of all microphones can be controlled independently and turned on and off as required. A panel operator must be provided as part of the quotation. All cabling must be done in such a manner as not to create trip hazards for the participants.

Set up will need to be done during the Friday afternoon preceding the Convention and all equipment will need to be removed By Sunday 11th October evening following the Convention.

2. Amplify questions from the floor, roll calls, etc. over the Convention amplification system. Since most of the participants at the Convention will be blind or vision impaired, fixed microphones placed in the convention area will not be suitable. It will be necessary to provide roving microphones that can be taken to each person who wishes to ask a question. Roll calls will be taken throughout the Convention and it should be possible to pass the microphone from one participant to the next. Two roving microphones are preferred.

3. Play recorded material over the Convention amplification system. It must be possible to play recorded reports, etc. throughout the Convention room over the main amplification system.

4. Patch phone calls to the Convention amplification system. This should be considered as an optional extra and may or may not be required.

5. Provide hearing loop facilities for those who use hearing aids. The hearing loop must link to the main amplification system.

6. Webcast the Convention proceedings live over the Internet. It is required that all convention sessions be webcast in streaming Windows Media, Real Audio or MP3 or AAC format. Streaming MP3 is preferred. Provision should be made for at least 30 concurrent listeners. The stream should be available to users of 64 k-bit via a link from the BCA website.

7. Mix live commentary with the webcast Convention proceedings. Facilities to enable live and recorded inserts to the proceedings are required. BCA will be responsible for organising the person to provide the commentary and insert material.

8. Webcast replays of Convention proceedings and other special programs over the Internet when Convention is not in session. A complete recording of all sessions should be made so that a continuous web stream can be provided, at least from the start of the Convention on the Saturday morning until after close of business on the Sunday.

9. Record all convention proceedings for later use. A complete recording of all Convention sessions should be provided to BCA by 13 December 2015. The recordings must be of reasonably high quality and provided in a readily accessible format such as compact disk or downloadable MP3 format or DAISY format. The material will need to be edited and copied to compact disk or up-loaded as archives to the BCA website. The editing and copying is not part of this expression of interest, but respondents should indicate if they are interested in undertaking part or all of this work.

10. Record interviews with members and guests. Facilities must be provided to enable the recording of interviews for later use including possible replay as part of the webcast. BCA will be responsible for arranging the interviews and providing the interviewer. The respondent will be responsible for technical operation and possible editing of the recorded material.

11. Produce packaged programs for replay over the RPH network. At least four X 30 minute sessions will be required for replay over Australia’s network of Radio for the Print Handicapped radio stations. BCA will be responsible for selecting the content and the respondent to this EOI will be required to perform all of the necessary editing.

12. Distribute electronically the packaged programs to the RPH network. The packaged programs will need to be transferred to 3RPH and the Vision Australia Radio network, 1179 AM Melbourne. RPH Australia is the national peak body for the RPH Radio Reading Network.

Your response should be provided electronically as an MS Word file addressed to:

Blind Citizens Australia
BCA 2015 Convention Chair
Ross House
Level 3
247 – 251 Flinders Lane

The closing date for expressions of interest is Friday 15th July 2015 with successful applicant notified no later than the Friday 31st July 2015.

Any questions concerning this EOI can be raised with BCA 2015 Convention Chair at the BCA office by phone on (03) 9654 1400 or free call 1800 033 660, or email to It should be noted that any clarification provided to a respondent may also be conveyed to the other respondents.