Soundabout May 2014

the May addition of SoundAbout is now available.

Please find following, two links. One to Listen To and the other to Download the May 2014 edition of Soundabout. Please choose the one which best suits your needs. We hope you enjoy listening to this.

The contents of this edition are as follows:

· Marian Jones speaks with BCA President, Greg Madson about the BCA Website update

· Sue Hastie speaks with BCA Executive Officer, Rosemary Boyd for a national office update

· Rikki Chaplin speaks with BCA National Policy Officer, Lauren Henley for a policy update

· Peter Greco speaks with Jessica Gallagher, vision impaired winter Olympian on her success and experience at the recent games

· Sue Hastie speaks with Janene Sadhu, committee member of the National Womens Branch for an update

· Marian Jones speaks with Cathy Horner about her new role on the National Womens Branch Committee

· Peter Greco speaks with Prof Jan Lovie-Kitchen who attended the recent 11th international Conference on Low Vision held in Melbourne

· Rikki Chaplin speaks with Graham Pamplin about his work teaching vision impaired people to use adaptive technology in Queensland

· Sue Hastie speaks with Dale Rearden about his research into workplace discrimination against people with disabilities

· Peter Greco speaks with Michele Griffin about the upcoming BCWA State Forum.

· Rosemary Boyd speaks about this year’s Onkyo Braille Contest.

· Diary Dates

SoundAbout, May 2014 – listen or download