SoundAbout November 2015

The November edition of Soundabout is now available!

You can use the embedded audio player above to listen or download this SoundAbout edition.

SoundAbout editions are also available as a podcast! Using your pod catcher of choice, use the URL to subscribe manually to SoundAbout .

Contents of this edition include:

  • Steve Richardson speaks with new BCA President, Emma Bennison
  • Rikki Chaplin speaks with Leah Van Poppel, BCA’s new Chief Executive Officer
  • Peter Greco speaks with Daniel Stubbs, new BCA Board Director
  • Steve Richardson speaks with Lynne Davis, new BCA Board Director
  • Peter Greco speaks with David Squirrell, President of the Adelaide Branch
  • Steve Richardson presents a report on the Brisbane Branch AGM
  • Marian Jones speaks with Marie Shang, new Sydney Branch President
  • Rikki Chaplin speaks with John Machin, from the Computer Users Group
  • Marian Jones speaks with Janene Sadhu, new Womens Branch President
  • Peter Greco speaks with Hamish MacKenzie about Blind Cricket
  • Diary Dates
  • BCA Contact Details