Vision Australia’s “Tell the Whole Story” Campaign

Vision Australia has launched a letter campaign, called “Tell the whole story”, to compel broadcasters and the Minister for Communications, Mr Malcolm Turnbull, to ‘tell the whole story’ by mandating the delivery of audio description on Australian television.

This campaign coincides with Vision Australia lodging a Disability Discrimination Act complaint against all commercial television stations in Australia, including Foxtel. The complaint argues that the stations must provide an audio description service for at least 14 hours of content per week. These complaints follow a recent survey of our clients in which 86 per cent of respondents felt that an audio description service was important to allow people who are blind or have low vision to access the full TV experience.

Add your voice to this campaign by writing to Minister Turnbull using the form on the link to the Vision Australia website below. You can add your personal experience of audio description to this letter, which will then be sent to the Minister on your behalf.

Audio Description: Tell the Whole Story Survey