We are excited to announce that BCA has received funding through the National Disability Insurance Agency, Information Linkages and Capacity Building to deliver an Employment related project in 2019/2020.

‘An Eye to the Future’ will positively promote people who are blind or vision impaired to potential employers. It will also provide information and support to those employers.

We will be creating a series of short films of people who are blind or vision impaired and currently working. These will be designed to showcase the diversity of roles and experiences people who are blind have within employment.

An online platform will be created for information, resources and interaction between employees and employers and provide a place for people to discuss all things employment.

We will be creating an Internship program to link jobseekers to employers.

To showcase all of these elements, we will be hosting an Employment Symposium.

It’s a huge project that we are confident will bring many opportunities for you to be involved. We look forward to sharing more information on these parts of the project as it progresses.

Funded by NDIA – ILC – Employment Participation (EP) Grants