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In late 2017, members of Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) and the Association of Blind Citizens of NSW (BCNSW) voted to consolidate the two organisations, which resulted in the formation of BCA’s first state division launched in July 2018. If you want to find out more about the consolidation process, you can read the Memorandum of Understanding (Word doc) between the two organisations. To learn more about how State Divisions work, you can read the guidelines here.

If you were a member of BCNSW, you were automatically granted membership of BCA. You can reach BCA toll free on 1800 033 660.

The State Division undertakes activities formerly performed by BCNSW as well as addressing issues which are of state-wide significance. The role and operation of local branches remains unchanged.

All the ways that you can hear from, and communicate with, the state division

Here are some ways to find out about our upcoming activities and events:

  • Catch up with us on New Horizons. This is our weekly radio program, with interesting interviews and information about BCA. It is broadcast every week on 2RPH and on some community radio stations and can also be downloaded as a podcast by searching Blind Citizens Australia in your podcast app of choice. Or just go to our Homepage and you will always find the latest episode listed there. New Horizons is also available through the Vision Australia library service via the IAccess online website.
  • Read or listen to Blind Citizens News, which comes out once a quarter. The publication is available in audio or text format from our website or you can receive your copy in braille or via email. If you would like to receive Blind Citizens News, please contact our staff.
  • Let us know if you would like to receive important updates by text message. Simply call our staff and ensure your mobile number is registered, or text 0436 446 780
  • Call us. If you ring 1800 033 660 you will hear a set of menu options. By pressing the buttons on your phone, you can choose to get up-to-date details of our activities in NSW and the ACT. You can also speak to one of our staff and let them know which communication channels you would like to use.

As a membership organisation your voice is important. So please choose the options set out above which work for you.

Finally, view the State Division Plan here.

State Division Contact Information

Chair: Kristy Quigg
Mobile: 0413 458 344

Deputy Chair: Stephen Belbin
Mobile: 0409 000 100