South Australia

On this page you will find contact and useful information for branches in SA.

The state based toolkits outline financial support, information for parents and for students, transport entitlements, home and living, aids and equipment, health and wellbeing, leisure as well as advocacy and legal support.

Here is the SA toolkit (Word doc)

You can also obtain a copy of the toolkit in your preferred format by contacting Blind Citizens Australia’s head office on (03) 9654 1400, or toll free, on 1800 033 660. Other state toolkits can be found at BCA State Based Toolkits

Adelaide Branch


Dr David Squirrell
President, Secretary, Treasurer
Phone: 0418 810 030

Email List

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Non-Internet Users

Please spread the word to all your non-internet friends about this service. Adelaide Branch have created a members phone book dedicated for members who don’t have internet. This service will provide all the information that is accessible via the internet so no one misses out. Confidentiality is assured. All we need is your name and number. And that’s not all. We also offer this service to members who prefer to hear a personal voice instead of the impersonal synthetic voice or magnifier. If you are interested, please contact the National Office on 1800 033 660 or the Adelaide Branch President (contact details are listed above).


2018 Adelaide Branch Report


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Social Functions

Adelaide Branch plan to meet socially every second Thursday of the month from 4.30 pm onwards. Dates and locations vary from month to month. If you are interested in attending, announcements are via our email and SAVI lists.
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