Current Campaigns

National and State Campaigns

BCA’s National Policy function not only provides systemic advocacy and information services to break down the barriers of inequity and injustice that confront Australians who are blind or vision impaired, it also initiates Campaigns at local, state and national levels to forward advocacy with help from it’s members.

These barriers can include discrimination in the labor market, access to public transport and the built environment, access to electronic and printed information, inaccessible voting practices at elections and the low level of specialist support teachers for children who are blind or vision impaired.

This Policy section of BCA’s website contains extensive information and resources on many systemic advocacy matters facing Australians who are blind or vision impaired. BCA encourages all persons concerned about the needs of individuals who are blind or vision impaired, and their families, to use these resources and lobby governments throughout Australia to improve the rights of the community of blind and vision impaired.