Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) is the national representative organisation of people who are blind or vision impaired. BCA is governed and managed by people who are blind or vision impaired, with at least 75% of employees and 100% of the board with lived experience.

As the only disability led organisation within Australia that represents the blind and vision impaired community, BCA knows first-hand the impact and phases of a person’s disability journey and how to present this information in an accessible, real time, tailored and positive manner in order to remove barriers for people who are blind or vision impaired to access mainstream services.

For over 40 years BCA has provided information, peer support, individual and systemic advocacy and public policy initiatives to its members and the wider community. The organisation also has a proud record in leading single and cross disability research and policy related projects in areas such as telecommunications, Disability Standards and International Capacity Building. To learn more about our history follow this link.

Our mission is to inform, connect, and empower Australians who are blind or vision impaired and the broader community.

Close up image of a blind man reading a book written in Braille, seated on a sofa

Inform. BCA’s magazine, Blind Citizens News, delivers articles that are informative, intriguing and authentic, providing relevant and engaging content. Our weekly radio program, New Horizons, is available via the Radio for Print Handicapped (RPH) network and as a podcast via the Vision Australia Library or your favourite podcast app. This fifteen-minute program provides regular updates on issues that are of interest to people who are blind or vision impaired. Our podcasts include personal stories and demonstrate diversity within our community.

Accessibility is a cornerstone of BCA’s commitment to its members. Whether it’s braille, large print, audio CD, email or data disc, BCA has a format to meet everyone’s needs – that is accessible independently.

Group of people chatting informally at an event

Connect. Peer support opportunities are created through BCA’s local and special interest branches, state and national conventions and associated email lists and teleconferences. These avenues provide members with opportunities to speak openly and honestly about barriers they may be facing and to have a voice regarding the issues that affect them.

Blind man accessing a train station with his dog guide

Empower. At the core of BCA’s mission, is equality through empowerment. This is achieved through the promotion of positive community attitudes in relation to people who are blind or vision impaired, and striving for high quality and accessible services. BCA advocates for systemic change through campaigns and by providing advice to government, corporations and the community. It also provides individual advocacy, advice and support to members who face discrimination due to blindness or vision impairment. With a focus on issues that impact on the individual because of their blindness/vision impairment, BCA works both directly and through specialist community advocates, to resolve issues in a constructive and educative manner and draws on more formal processes where a mutually agreeable solution cannot be found.

BCA has a seat on many government, commercial and community sector advisory bodies including the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations. We have formal relationships with blindness service providers, including Vision Australia as well as a number of the Guide Dogs organisations across Australia.


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We are always looking for improvement in what we do, and would appreciate your input. For information on how you can provide BCA with feedback, or to view our complaints policy, visit our Feedback and Complaints page.

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