International Blindness Organisations and Services

  • American Foundation for the Blind – a site containing articles, product reviews, and sells products that meet the needs of people who are vision impaired of all ages.
  • Blind World – an online magazine for the blind and vision impaired.
  • Bookshare – an international library available to people with print reading disabilities and/or vision impairments in over 36 countries. It contains over 100,000 books in both Daisy and Braille formats. This library is provided at an affordable yearly subscription, with a one-time creation fee they use to offset the cost of verifying your disability.
  • DAISY Consortium – Digital Audiobased Information System – a talking book system.
  • com – the online community for people who are blind or vision impaired, their families, friends and colleagues.
  • Narrative Television Network – makes movies and television programming accessible to blind and vision impaired people through narration, including free narrated programming on the web.
  • Nystagmus Network – a UK-based self-help group providing support for adults and children with nystagmus, their parents and teachers, and fostering research into the condition.
  • Operation Eyesight – a non-profit organisation that helps those threatened with preventable and treatable blindness conditions.
  • Perkins Scout – a searchable database of carefully evaluated online resources related to blindness.