On this page you will find information about becoming a member of Blind Citizens Australia, useful information about membership, an online membership form, a downloadable membership form, a feedback form to provide feedback to BCA, and the BCA complaints policy.


Why Become a Member?

Blind Citizens Australia is the united voice of people who are blind or vision impaired. Its mission is to reduce the social and economic disadvantages of blindness or vision impairment on individuals and achieve their equity and equality. We succeed as members together, or not at all.

As a member, you will make it possible for BCA to provide the following to you and others:

  • Blind Citizens News and other publications
  • Our audio magazine Soundabout
  • Access to our Individual and Systemic Advocacy services
  • Peer Support through a network of branches and our National and State Conventions
  • Representation to Government on issues affecting the lives of people who are blind or vision impaired

Members of BCA can also join the National Women’s Branch – a $10 once off fee applies (additional to BCA membership fee). The BCA National Women’s Branch is made up of a group of Australian women who are blind or vision impaired, whose mission is to improve the lives of blind and vision impaired women in Australia. Men are welcome too. We seek to empower our members by:

  • Providing positive peer support
  • Holding seminars of interest
  • Encouraging involvement of women in all levels of BCA
  • Being a resource for women on vision impairment
  • Facilitating communication between our members, and supporting member issues such as isolation.

Scales Away Cook Book: Produced by the National Women’s Branch, this cookbook uses cup and spoon measurements only, and contains a wide variety of recipes and useful information. Available on MP3 disc and thumb drive for $30, or via email for $20. See the payment section below to request a copy in your preferred format.

Membership to BCA is available to people who are blind or vision impaired and supporters who are sighted.

Types of Membership

Individual Membership Types

All individual members pay a one off membership fee of $20. There are 3 categories of individual membership available:

  • Full member: Person who is blind or vision impaired and is 18 years or older
  • Junior member: Person who is blind or vision impaired and under 18 years of age
  • Associate member: Person who identifies with the aims of BCA, but is not blind or vision impaired and therefore ineligible to be a Full or Junior member.

Only Full members may stand for a position on the Board or vote within Branches or at BCA elections.
All individual members must be Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Upon joining BCA, members are automatically given the opportunity to participate in their local branch as well.

Organisational Members

Organisations are also welcome to join as members. Further information on organisational membership can be obtained by contacting Blind Citizens Australia.

BCA Class A organisational members are incorporated organisations within Australia where:

  • the membership and governing body are each comprised of a majority of persons who are blind or vision impaired, or
  • the parents of children who are blind or vision impaired, or
  • which have a substantial involvement in representing the interests of persons who are blind or vision impaired from the consumer perspective

BCA Class B Organisational Members are incorporated organisations which identify with the aims of BCA but do not meet the criteria required to gain Class A organisational membership.


Membership Application Form

To begin your application to join BCA please complete the online application form below, download the BCA membership form (Word doc) or contact BCA on 1800 033 660 and we will send you a Member Application Pack.

Please note that questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields that require an answer.

Blind Citizens Australia Membership Application Form

This form is used for Blind Citizens Australia for full, junior or associate membership.
  • dd/mm/yyyy
  • From time to time, BCA consults with its membership to better understand the current needs, interests and priorities. This information provides us with an overview of the topics which are of most interest to you, which allows us to develop effective policy directions and systemic advocacy campaigns which best meet the expressed needs and interests of our members. To assist us to advocate on issues which are relevant to you, please check all the boxes you have an interest in.
  • Thank you for completing this Application. Once you hit the Submit button your information will be sent through to the BCA Office. If you are not presented with a Confirmation message, after hitting the Submit button, please check that all required fields have been completed. Payment options for your membership can be found below this form.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Payment Options for Membership

Memberships can be paid by Credit Card using the “Pay Now” button below. For other payment options, please contact the BCA National Office on 1800 033 660.

Membership Type

Your membership will be completed on receipt of your payment.


Purchase “Scales Away” Cookbook

Produced by the National Women’s Branch. Available in three formats.

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Feedback to BCA

We are always looking for improvement in what we do, and would appreciate your input.

If you would like to provide feedback to BCA you might like to take a few minutes to fill out our feedback form.

Use this link to provide your feedback

BCA Complaints Policy

If you would like information on our complaint process , we have a document BCA Complaints Policy (Word doc) that will assist.