Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) develops policy documents and position statements to further our advocacy work, and to uphold the rights of people who are blind or vision impaired.

Through our policy work, we provide information and advice to the community and government on issues of importance to people who are blind or vision impaired.

On this page, you can find information about our:

Policy Reports

BCA Policy Reports provide in-depth investigations into specific areas of policy impacting people who are blind or vision impaired. They bring together academic research, media stories, advocacy data and will often be used as stepping off points for broader campaigns.

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Position Papers

BCA Position Papers will form the basis for much of BCA’s policy output, and will be considered BCA’s official position on a particular issue or cluster of issues. These papers provide a short summary that can be used in communication or meetings with decision-makers and other stakeholders. They can also be used by members as a basis for self-advocacy.

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National Policy Committee 

We develop our policies and position statements in consultation with members and under the guidance of our National Policy Committee (NPC) with support from our National Policy Officer. The NPC is an elected sub-committee of BCA’s board and is made up of representatives from state and territories and from the board. To promote continuity and sustainability of the committee, each member has a term of two years, with half of the positions on the NPC being up for nomination at BCA’s Annual General Meeting every year.

The NPC can be contacted through Blind Citizens Australia by phone or by email:

National Policy Committee Chair: Francois Jacobs

National Policy Committee By-Laws

Policy Archive

An archive of all former BCA policies and position statements.

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BCA Campaigns

To support and move policy objectives forward, we will often design and implement a campaign to influence change.

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