What Advocacy can Blind Citizens Australia provide? 

If you or someone you know has faced discrimination due to blindness or vision impairment, we may be able to help. Our Advocacy staff can provide specialist information and advice on a wide range of issues, including: 

  • Access to information 
  • Access to premises and the built environment 
  • Public transport
  • Education 
  • Employment 
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme 
  • My Aged Care 
  • Blindness-related income supports, such as the Disability Support Pension (blind) and Aged Care Pension (blind). 

Wherever possible, we will aim to provide you with the necessary advice, tools and strategies to allow you to resolve a problem on your own. To assist people with their self-advocacy, Blind Citizens Australia has produced What is Advocacy – How do I advocate for myself?, a brochure, in Word format, available for download. 

If you do require a bit of extra help, we may be able to provide you with additional support or representation. Advocates decide on a case-by-case basis to offer assistance depending on availability and resources. Advocates reserve the right to refer the individual as necessary. If we are not able to support you, we will provide a referral to another organisation. 

Our advocacy services are provided nationally over the phone or via email. BCA does not provide face-to-face advocacy support. 

BCA’s Advocates 

Martin Stewart

Martin is Blind Citizens Australia’s National Advocacy Officer.  

If you experience mistreatment related to your blindness or vision impairment that is negatively impacting upon you, for self-advocacy guidance and information or if necessary direct advocacy support you can contact me. 

Martin has lived and worked in advocacy for many years, giving him the experience to help others who are challenged by social and systemic barriers. He is passionate about working alongside people who are blind or vision impaired to fight for the equity and quality of life that you deserve. 

Martin can be contacted on: 

Mobile: 0427 605 088 

Email: martin.stewart@bca.org.au 

Peta Hogan

Peta is BCA’s Advocacy Projects Officer, who provides support to people experiencing complex issues with the NDIS by aiding with lodging and navigating both internal NDIS reviews and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. 

Peta can provide advice enabling people to self-advocate or support you in the handling of all areas of your appeal.  Peta works part-time, across three days a week.  

Peta can be contacted on: 

Email: peta.hogan@bca.org.au 

Phone: 1800 033 660 

Useful Fact Sheets 

We have developed some fact sheets that you might find useful in creating awareness of the needs of people who are blind or vision impaired in specific situations. You can find these by visiting the Useful Links & Fact Sheets page.

These resources can be used to develop your own letter or conversation as part of your self-advocacy. They can also be used to provide further information and awareness to the community or government about your rights as a person who is blind or vision impaired. 

Please check back to this page from time to time as we will add more and update existing fact sheets as they are developed.