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Author: Janene Sadhu, President, National Women’s Branch

While some regular activities outside of home have not been taking place for members this year, our National Women’s Branch has focused on keeping connected with our branch members.

Regular Phone Chats

These include:

  • Gardening on the 1st Monday of the month;
  • general chats on some other Mondays;
  • Word Wednesday, where we have weekly fun with word games, and
  • chats for grandparents on Thursdays.

Book Club

This takes place in the evening on the 4th Wednesday of each month, with various members choosing book titles then leading the discussion about them. Thank you to everybody who has led thought provoking discussions and participated in our new book club. If you like reading, NWB members are very welcome to join in.

Aspirations Magazine

Our most recent edition had a Recreation theme, with interesting reading about activities our members like to spend their time doing. The theme for the next issue will be Connections.

Womentalks Teleconferences

Our July Womentalks, for example, looked at new products in the shops and online, and was a wealth of information. Womentalks take place in the evening on the last Thursday of alternate months.

New Partnership

Our NWB has partnered with Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria to offer our members a fitness program that can be done at home via phone. Please get in contact if you would like further information.

Email lists

Our two email lists continue to keep friendships strong, disseminate information, offer advice when asked for and welcome new members. If you are on email and wish to become more involved in our branch, joining the Womentalk list is a great place to start.

We were also in attendance at BCA Connect in October – hosting an opportunity to chat after the main proceedings of the day.

We have welcomed some new members to the National Women’s Branch in recent months and hope that everyone enjoys what our branch has to offer. Please get in touch if you would like further details about any of our activities, and please reach out to us if you feel that some peer support would be helpful to you in these unusual times.

National Women’s Branch AGM

Finally, just please note that our AGM will be held on Saturday, 21 November, via telephone. Save the date! More details coming soon.


Janene Sadhu via the BCA office on 1800 033 660


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