On Tuesday 6th April, 2021, BCA Board President, John Simpson OAM and Acting BCA CEO, Sally Aurisch, shared the background and context for the newly drafted BCA Service Charter, and the document’s content to request feedback and input from event attendees.

The Charter sets out expectations, both for people who are accessing services through BCA, and for BCA staff and volunteers in providing service to people. The document also defines what would happen in the instance that either BCA or a person accessing services is unhappy with the service provision, including last resort measures that would be taken once a pathway of conflict resolution has been exhausted.

The Charter provides guidelines that will support both staff and people accessing BCA services, and provide a safe operation guideline for services.

During the session, a fundamental point was made that this does not signal a change of direction for BCA, rather it is pulling together elements about how we provide services together into one document.

You can read the Draft Service Charter here, and feedback is welcomed via 1800 033 660 or email to bca@bca.org.au by Friday 16 April 2021.

Listen to the recording here.