Centrelink’s call back system

Centrelink’s call back system

This system will eliminate the need for you to wait on hold with Centrelink for more than 5 minutes. This call back system holds your ‘place in the queue’, and then they call you back, which saves you time and expense. You will however need to register for this service.

Options for Registering for phone self service include:

  • Register online at Centrelink Self Service
  • register with Centrelink over the phone on 136 240
  • Register at a Centrelink service centre

You will need your phone self service ID and PIN to use the place in queue option. You will also need to have your Customer Reference Number or Customer Access Number handy. You may be offered the place in queue option if your call wait time is more than 5 minutes when you call Centrelink between 8 am and 3 pm, Monday to Friday.


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Travelling overseas? Your Disability Support Pension may be affected

If you’re on a Disability Support Pension and plan to travel overseas, the period you can receive your pension is four weeks in any 12 month period. This has reduced from six weeks.

Since 1 January 2015, if you are outside Australia for more than four weeks in a 12 month period your payment may stop. However, your payment will not be affected if you have been assessed in Australia as having a permanent, severe impairment and no future work capacity.

You may also continue to receive your payment if you’re travelling for one of the following approved reasons:

  • attending an acute family crisis—for example, to visit an immediate family member who is critically ill
  • humanitarian reasons—for example, to adopt a child or attend custody proceedings, or
  • if you’re receiving eligible medical treatment that is not available in Australia

If you booked and paid for travel before 14 May 2014, you will be able to retain the six week payment period which existed when you made your bookings as long as you have completed this travel and returned to Australia before 1 January 2016.

For more information visit the Department of Human Services Webpage article

For more information on the Disability Support Pension please visit Department of Human Services DSP