There is nothing like catching up with a group of like minded people and discussing a shared interest, hobby, or passion.

While we may be physically dispersed and the current conditions make travel challenging, there are still plenty of ways we can connect with each other.

BCA’s Peer Connect groups are designed to do just that – enable you to catch up with others who are interested in similar things to you.

Check out the group info and meeting times listed below.

For more information about Peer Connect groups call BCA on 1800 033 660 or send us an email at

Can’t find a group that interests you? Maybe you’d like to start one? Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Monthly Guitar Group

This group is for anyone with an interest in guitar; from the beginner through to the professional.  Any topic related to guitars, the equipment used with guitars, guitar brands, reading music software, resources, etc is open for discussion. This is not a general music group discussing bands, etc.


2:00pm AEDT on the last Saturday of the month

  • 27th November 2021

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Monthly Accessible Video Gaming Group

In this group we will explore the accessibility of video games and the platforms on which they are played and how these features may allow gamers who are blind or vision impaired to play them.  Together, we will learn what is possible and how we can adapt settings of games to better fit with our needs.  If you want to be a gamer or even if you already are, join in and let’s see where this adventure takes us.


1:00pm AEDT on the second Monday of the month

  • 13th December 2021

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Fortnightly Assistive Technology Group

If you are interested in learning, talking, or sharing when it comes to assistive technology then this is the group for you. Talk about everything from phones, tablets, computers, and more and the different ways they can be made accessible. Have fun while you’re doing it.


1:00pm AEDT every second Thursday

  • 9th December 2021

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Monthly Chess Club

This group is for anyone who wants to learn, discuss, and play chess. All experience levels are welcome.


Second  Wednesday of the month, 7:30pm AEDT

  • 10th November 2021
  • 8th December 2021

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Peer Connect Fortnightly Music Recording Group

This group has been formed out of the BCA Skills Exchange Music Group, who remotely recorded a song together. The song will be launched at BCA’s AGM on the 4th December 2021.

If you are interested in working with others to record a track, then this group is for you.


7:30pm AEDT every second Wednesday

  • 17th November 2021
  • 1st December 2021

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Fortnightly Travel Guides Group

Do you have what you need for a quick trip? Are there things you want to know about travel? Come along and we can share tips and tricks for navigating locally and around Australia.

(please note: this does not replace the information and expertise of a trained mobility instructor).


12:00pm AEDT every second Monday

  • 6th and 20th December 2021

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Monthly Virtual Book Club for young (and young-ish) adults

Are you an avid reader between 18 and 50 years of age who enjoys meeting new people? If so, come along to our virtual book club. Spend an hour enjoying some lively discussion and connection over a book.


12:00pm on the last Friday of the month.

  • More dates coming soon

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Monthly Gardening Group

This is a group to talk about gardening and ways to keep gardening when you are blind or vision impaired. All blind and vision impaired people who love to garden are welcome.


First Thursday of the month, 12:00pm AEDT

  • 2nd December 2021

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BCA’s Peer Connect program is funded through the Information, Linkages, and Capacity Building Grants Program.