The purpose of this page is to provide employment information and support to people who are blind or vision impaired.

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Blind Citizens Australia Employment Policy Suite

On 11 December 2012, we launched our employment policy suite, which provides resources for recruiters, employers, disability employment service (DES) providers, Government as an employer and how the Australian Government can work to meet their national and international obligations.

We have also created a series of factsheets which challenge assumptions about what people who are blind or vision impaired can do, bust myths, provide guidance on legal blindness and how people who are blind access information and where you can get more information.

All of the above documents are also available in large print, braille, audio and on data CD.

Jobs Lists

See our list of jobs that people who are blind or vision impaired have held.

If you also wish to provide details about your employment experiences or act as a contact point, please complete the employment profile questionaire

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Employment Profiles Feedback

If you wish to send in your feedback on this site, please email: bca@bca.org.au

Disability Employment Service Providers:

Employment Opportunities at BCA