Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) develops policy documents and position statements to further our advocacy work, and to uphold the rights of people who are blind or vision impaired.

Through our policy work, we provide information and advice to community and government on issues of importance to people who are blind or vision impaired.

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We develop our policies and position statements in consultation with members and under the guidance of our National Policy Council (NPC) with support from our National Policy Officer. The NPC is an elected sub-committee of BCA’s board and is made up of representatives from state and territories and from the board. To promote continuity and sustainability of the committee, each member has a term of two years, with half of the positions on the NPC being up for nomination at BCA’s Annual General Meeting every year.

The NPC can be contacted through Blind Citizens Australia by phone or by email:

National Policy Council Chair: Fiona Woods (NSW)

BCA Policy

Below you will find a list of our current policies. These are regularly refined and updated to reflect legislative, technological and philosophical changes.

The policies on this page can be used to guide the expectations and promote the rights of people who are blind or vision impaired through self-advocacy efforts. BCA’s campaigns, submissions and responses to inquiries or reviews are based on our policies and position statements.

All policies and position statements are available in your preferred format, on request by contacting us.

Access to Information Technology and Telecommunications





We have also created a series of fact sheets which challenge assumptions about what people who are blind or vision impaired can do, bust myths, provide guidance on legal blindness, and advise people who are blind or vision impaired on where to find and access information.

Take a peek at a list of jobs that people who are blind or vision impaired have undertaken.


Health Services


In The Home


Service Providers


Transport, Travel and Built Environment


Voting and Elections

For many years now BCA has been advocating for accessible voting for Australians who are blind or vision impaired.

BCA Campaigns

To support and move policy objectives forward, we will often design and implement a campaign to influence change.

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