After several months of collaboration between staff members, BCA is excited to announce the launch of the new Policy & Advocacy Hub on our website! 

Formerly known as the ‘Policy & Advocacy’ tab on our menu, the revamped section of this website offers a comprehensive overview of our team’s latest updates, work, and campaigning efforts.  

We welcome any feedback on the Policy & Advocacy Hub, and encourage you to send through any suggestions via or by contacting us on 1800 033 660.  

What’s new on the Policy & Advocacy Hub?

Policy Reports and Position Papers  

We now have a dedicated webpage listing all of BCA’s latest Policy Reports and Position Papers.  

BCA Policy Reports provide in-depth investigations into specific areas of policy impacting people who are blind or vision impaired. These documents bring together academic research, media stories, advocacy data and will often be used as stepping-off points for broader campaigns.  

Our Position Papers typically provide a 2-to-3-page summary that can be used in communication or meetings with decision-makers and other stakeholders. The topics that can be accessed on this page include but are not limited to: Audio Description, Electric Vehicles and Employment.

This page will continually be updated as new reports and papers are composed.  

Visit the Policy Report and Position Papers page 


Our Submissions page now lists all our documents from newest to oldest, going all the way back to 2010. Within each year, the Submissions are further broken down by month. This change was made to help website visitors find the most up-to-date and relevant work BCA is doing.  

Visit the Submissions page


This section of the website has been entirely updated, and now offers details about the type of advice and specialist information BCA can provide to people who have faced discrimination due to their blindness or vision impairment. 

This page was formerly known as the ‘What is Advocacy?’, and provided information about what disability advocacy is and the different forms it can come in. However, it has been updated to reflect what most people contacting BCA want to know – what services we provide and what we can do to assist them. The contact details for our current Advocacy Officers are also now available, giving visitors a direct avenue to get in touch with our team.  

Visit the Advocacy page 

Fact Sheets & Useful Links 

Previously listed under the Resources tab on our website, we have updated the Useful Links section. On top of offering a resource list addressing 15 topics, you can also find some relevant Fact Sheets further on the page that cover a range of issues, such as self-advocacy, health and hospitals, dog guide access, and more.  

Visit the Fact Sheets & Useful Links page

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)  

We have updated the NDIS page, which previously had old information regarding the Scheme, as well as Fact Sheets that required updating.  

You can now find the updated Fact Sheets on this page, and a much more condensed version of how BCA engages with the NDIS to offer you unbiased support and advice.   

We anticipate this section of the site will be updated more frequently as the Federal Government continues its review of the NDIS.   

Visit the NDIS page

Policy Archive  

We now have a dedicated archive for previous BCA policies and position statements. This page is currently organised by topic, with 10 headings listed in alphabetical order, covering issues like education, service providers, transport, voting and more.  

Visit the Policy Archive