Access to Information Technology and Telecommunications

Australian Banknotes

Australian banknotes can be identified by sight and by touch. Download this document to learn more. This document also contains information about BCA’s Cash Test Card, which you can obtain by contacting us.



We have also created a series of fact sheets which challenge assumptions about what people who are blind or vision impaired can do, bust myths, provide guidance on legal blindness, and advise people who are blind or vision impaired on where to find and access information.

Take a peek at a list of jobs that people who are blind or vision impaired have undertaken.

Health Services

BCA’s National Policy Council (NPC), after consultation with members, created a Healthcare Policy. This details the rights to which all users of healthcare settings are entitled under the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights and how these rights can be given meaning when applied to people who are blind or vision impaired. This policy is linked below. The NPC is also creating a series of checklists, to give the policy relevance to specific contexts. The checklist for use with hospitals is linked below.

In The Home

Open letter to DVD retailers and suppliers about Audio Description on DVD

Blind Citizens Australia has created an open letter to raise awareness to the general community and DVD suppliers and stores regarding the benefits of Audio Description on DVD. This is available for anyone to download (Word doc) and use.

Service Providers

Transport, Travel and Built Environment

Voting and Elections

For many years now BCA has been advocating for accessible voting for Australians who are blind or vision impaired.