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List of Articles

  • Editorial – “It has been nearly 12 years since this magazine was last published quarterly, and though it was one of my goals when I took on this role, I wasn’t at all sure we could manage it…”
  • Letter to the Editor – “Following my previous letter to the editor … I decided to do some peer support work. I chose the retirement village where I live, and offered to talk about some of the tips and tricks blind and vision impaired people use to assist them to live and work…”
  • Report from the President – “On Saturday, 1 December, we held our 43rd Annual General Meeting in Melbourne. We were delighted to have over 50 members attend and participate in Melbourne and Sydney, and that more than 20 people joined us via the live stream as observers…”
  • When Travel Goes Wrong – “I’m sure I’m not alone in having had a fear of staying in places which are totally unfamiliar to me. I wonder sometimes whether it’s one of those taboo topics for people who are blind or vision impaired. We are so often told that we should be…”
  • National Policy Council Report – “The value of consultation needs no proving at BCA, but the NPC’s recent consultation around our draft Blindness Service Provider Expectations policy again demonstrated the value of asking members what you think…”
  • Counting Down to Our National Convention – “Aira will be present in more ways than one at this year’s Convention … we’re excited to announce that Aira CEO, Suman Kanuganti, will be joining us in person to speak about…”
  • A New Push for Audio Description – “There is currently no Audio Description service available on Australian television. In the absence of this service, audience members who are blind or vision impaired are left to simply guess what is happening, or are forced to…”
  • The Battle for Accessible EFTPOS Continues – “Following the termination of complaints in the Australian Human Rights Commission, BCA members Graeme Innes and Nadia Mattiazzo made the difficult and courageous decision to take their matters to the Federal Court…”
  • NSW/ACT State Division Update – ” It seems like only yesterday that we gathered to launch our Division and Division Plan, in Newcastle on 14 July 2018. We are once more about to turn our minds to planning for the 2019-2020 financial year…”
  • My Aged Care Explained – “While My Aged Care is not specifically designed to support people with disability, older people with disabilities who don’t meet the age eligibility requirements for the National Disability Insurance Scheme are now expected to…”
  • From Dots to Digital: A History of Communication – “For a person who is blind or has a significant vision impairment, gathering appropriate information to be able to fully contribute to the community and to feel empowered to participate equally with sighted peers, can be difficult and require significant training…”
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  • New Horizons Radio Broadcast Schedule

Blind Citizens Australia is the united voice of Australians who are blind or vision impaired. Our mission is to achieve equity and equality by our empowerment, by promoting positive community attitudes and by striving for high quality and accessible services which meet our needs.

Editor’s Note

Blind Citizens Australia refers to our members as people who are blind or vision impaired. However, we respect the right of individual authors to use whatever language is most comfortable for them.C

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Funding and Donations for BCA

BCA would like to acknowledge the generous work of the Jeffrey Blyth Foundation. The Foundation was formed in 1995 with BCA being the primary beneficiary.

We would also like to acknowledge our funding partners: The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Victoria, Vision Australia, the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations, Guide Dogs Victoria, and our generous members.

If you would like to make a donation to Blind Citizens Australia, you can call the Office on 1800 033 660, and use your credit card. You can also donate online. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Feedback for BCA

Do you have any compliments, suggestions or concerns you wanted to let BCA know about? You can do this anonymously by completing a feedback form or you can call the BCA Office toll free on 1800 033 660. Your feedback will be used to improve our services to better meet the needs of our membership

How to Make a Complaint About BCA

Any member, client, volunteer, or their advocate, can lodge a complaint about the services provided by BCA. Complaints can be made in the following ways:

Phone:     1800 033 660

Email:       bca@bca.org.au

Website:   BCA complaints policy

Post:         Blind Citizens Australia, Level 3, Ross House
247 – 251 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Vic 3000

If there are complaints of a serious nature, the Chief Executive Officer will ask that the complaint be put in writing.

Complaints will be recorded in accordance with the requirements for complaints management outlined by The Office of Disability Services Commissioner. Member and client privacy will be respected and protected in relation to the recording, management and resolution of the complaint.