Other Resources

  • About Seniors – A comprehensive listing of information and links relevant to Australian senior citizens, veterans, retirees, those about to retire, pensioners and carers.
  • “Scales Away” Cookbook – Produced by BCA’s own National Women’s Branch, this cookbook uses only cups and spoons to measure, and contains other useful information for cooks who are blind or vision impaired. The cookbook can be purchased from our Membership page.
  • Travel Tree – For more than 10 years George Booth has designed and escorted tours for people who are blind or vision impaired to many cities in South East Asia, China and New Zealand delivering many exciting experiences, appealing to the senses, with interesting content inclusions to ensure maximum enjoyment on tour.
  • Travel Eyes Are you ready to change the way you see the world? We believe that travelling is about more than just the places you see – it’s about the experiences you share along the way.