Questions to Ask Providers

The following questions are based on the expectations BCA expresses in our policy on service providers. You can decide which questions are most important to you and the answers can help you to choose a service provider which best meets your needs.

We have used the term organisations”, by which we mean any service provider which portrays itself to the public as being in existence to assist people who are blind or vision impaired.

Questions to ask

  • Can you guarantee that I will be able to receive services from your organisation, regardless of my eligibility for funding? What services can I access?
  • Can I choose the services I receive from your organisation, plus the time and place at which I receive them? Who will deliver my services?
  • How long will I need to wait for my assessment, report and/or commencement of my service?
  • Can I get a copy of my service agreement in the format of my choice?
  • If I have to pay for services, how are costs calculated and what is the maximum I can expect to pay?
  • If I purchase a product from your organisation, what support and consumer protection can I obtain from your organisation if something goes wrong with the product?
  • How do you gain input and feedback from your service users?
  • How will your organisation communicate with me about the services I receive, including if, how and when they are to be paid for?
  • How can I get access to information in my preferred format?
  • What processes can I follow if I am unhappy with a service I receive?
  • Will I be expected to participate in any form of fundraising or publicity for the organisation?

Download the Word version of this list of questions if you would like to use it to take notes