Blind Citizens Australia’s Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is a leadership and succession planning initiative that builds the skills and capacity of leaders who are blind or vision impaired through training, mentoring, and support.

The program aims to increase the number of leaders who are blind or vision impaired in leadership roles across the blindness and broader disability sectors (and beyond).

“We need more people with disability in leadership positions, influencing strategic direction and championing inclusive design. Quite simply, it makes good business sense to encourage diversity within executive teams and throughout an organisation. It should not just be an add on or a box to tick.” – Emma Bennison, Former CEO of BCA

Watch this video interview with ELP Graduate, Linda Agnew:

The curriculum is based on the Social and Human Rights Models of Disability and seeks to use the experience of blindness and vision loss to enhance leadership. It will include:

  • Self-reflection tasks;
  • Individual coaching;
  • Training sessions on governance and operational leadership (ranging from Blind Citizen’s Australia history and culture, to leadership, strategic planning and advocacy skills);
  • Observation of Blind Citizen’s Australia and / or partner organisation Board meetings;
  • Guest speakers.

“The ELP program gave me the confidence to express interest in a leadership and governance role with the Asia Pacific region of the World Blind Union. It consolidated my eagerness to continue contributing.” – Helen Freris, Graduate

The ELP will develop a supportive network of leaders to represent and amplify the voices of people who are blind or vision impaired through Board, senior leadership, coaching and mentoring roles within BCA and beyond.

“While the opportunities have been excellent, the other highlight of the program has been meeting and connecting with so many other motivated and inspired people and learning from them about their experiences in leadership” – Sally Aurisch, ELP Graduate and current BCA CEO

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