Jeffrey Blyth Foundation

The Jeffrey Blyth Foundation was established in 1995 through two contributions from David Blyth and Hugh Jeffrey. Its purpose was to create a capital base from which the work and independence of Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) could be supported.

Since that time it has gone through several iterations as an organisation, but its purpose has remained essentially the same. The capital has grown, and has been supplemented by other contributions. The Foundation has made regular contributions to BCA since its inception. It’s net worth has increased to around $1.2 million.

In 2017 The Association of Blind Citizens of NSW contributed around $2.4 million to the Foundation. This was done on the condition that a sub-fund to be known as the Shirley fund be created, and that proceeds from that fund be distributed to the work of The Association, or its successors in NSW and the ACT, or to projects which would advance people who were blind or vision impaired in NSW or the ACT.

The Foundation therefore has two funds:

  • The General fund which may be spent throughout Australia, and which has been ordinarily used for grants to BCA; and
  • the Shirley fund which may be spent in grants to BCA, which has now merged with the Association, or for other similar purposes, but only in NSW or the ACT.

As a Public Ancillary fund the Foundation is legally required to distribute at least 4 percent of its net worth each year. Donations can be made directly to the Foundation by contacting BCA on 1800 033 660.