Support for Over 65s


On this page you will find information and fact sheets on My Aged Care system, links to BCA submissions and the BCA policy position regarding Support for people over 65 and how it might impact people who are blind or vision impaired. This page will have regular updates and information added as it comes to hand. So re-visit regularly.


My Aged Care Fact Sheets

My Aged Care is the federal government support programme for people who are over the age of 65. Some of BCA’s members have expressed concern and frustration on the accessibility and eligibility of My Aged Care packages and programmes.

Blind Citizens Australia has developed some fact sheets to outline information on My Aged Care and its programmes, as they relate to blindness and vision impairment.

  1. My Aged Care
  2. How to Plan for your My Aged Care Assessment
  3. My Aged Care Glossary
  4. My Aged Care Helpful Contacts
  5. Commonwealth Home Support Programme
  6. Home Care Packages Programme
  7. Fees and Charges for Home Care Packages
  8. Change in Circumstances
  9. Complaints Procedures
  10. Accessing information in accessible formats


How can BCA support you to access My Aged Care?

BCA’s Support Linkages Officer can work one-on-one with people who are blind or vision impaired throughout their My Aged Care journey.

The Support Linkages Officer can assist with pre-planning, support people during planning meetings and assessments, and help people to resolve issues of concern with the My Aged Care Contact Centre. This service is available throughout Australia. Due to the national reach, this service is only available by phone or email. For example, we are able to connect to planning meetings via phone or video link. In person support is not able to be provided.


Royal Commission into Aged Care

In October, 2018 the Terms of Reference were released for a Royal Commission into Aged Care. This can be accessed through:

You can also subscribe to the Royal Commission’s email list to receive updates directly.

Although there has not been a call for submissions at this time BCA anticipates preparing a submission for the Royal Commission and encourages all members to continue to provide feedback on My Aged Care with the organisation, your experiences will directly influence the work that we do in this area. Feedback can be provided by phoning 1800 033 660 or by emailing

We will also update this section as we plan our response to the Royal Commission.


Aged Care Legislative Review

A robust and responsive aged care system is core to the needs of Australians who are blind or vision impaired. According to Vision 2020 Australia, around 80% of vision loss in Australia is caused by conditions that become more common as people age. This raises a number of implications for Australia’s aging population, with one in every four Australians projected to be 65 years of age or older by the year 2056.

Blind Citizens Australia asserts that older Australians who are blind or vision impaired, when provided with the appropriate support, can continue to lead full and active lives and make valuable contributions to their communities. To this end, we welcome the opportunity to contribute to the review of Aged Care services in Australia and thank the Aged Care Sector Committee for providing us with this opportunity.

Go here to Read the BCA Aged Care Legislative Review Submission (Word doc 117kb)


BCA Position Statement on My Aged Care

For reading or download, here you will find a copy of the Blind Citizens Australia Position Statement on My Aged Care (Word docx)